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Rezeptionistenkonsole -PUC1 Rezeptionist - Admin-Handbuch

About This Document

Placetel UC-One Receptionist Release 17.sp2 is a customized version of the Placetel UC One Receptionist Hosted Thin Client. This guide provides step-by-step procedures and reference information for the administration of the Placetel UC-One Receptionist client. The document applies to software versions 17.2.121 or later. Placetel UC-One Receptionist herein is referred to as Receptionist, Receptionist client, or client. This document is intended for Site Admins have subscribed to the Placetel UC-One Receptionist client.

Activating Receptionist for Use

In order to enable the Receptionist client for an end user, an admin account needs to assign a license.

The Receptionist client can only be assigned to Premium and Hosted PRI User stations.

Within the My Site dashboard, follow the steps below:

Clicking the checkbox by a phone number / name assigns a Receptionist license and activates the user. An email is automatically sent to the user, containing a link to log into the My Phone dashboard to view credentials and launch the Receptionist. The Master Agent can edit the email branding and content.

The Admin then assigns the numbers/names available for monitoring in the Receptionist client for each activated user:

Receptionist Users

Users with Receptionist access must login to the MyPhone dashboard and download the receptionist client.

For step-by-step procedures and reference information on the Receptionist client, please see the Placetel UC-One Receptionist Client User Guide.


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