UC-ONE Option: Callcenter (EOL ab 7.12.2019)

Handbuch Supervisor - Manage Contacts

Manage Contacts

You use the Contacts pane to perform call and monitoring operations on your contacts as well as to manage your contacts’ directories.

Figure 39 Contacts Pane

Call Center provides access to the contacts’ directories listed in the following table.

Interface Element Description
Company Contact The Company Contacts directory contains the contacts in your Placetel UC-One Enterprise.
Personal Contacts The Personal directory contains all contacts in your Personal Phone List on Placetel UC-One.
Agents The Agents directory, available only to supervisors, contains the list of agents you supervise and allows you to manage them and view their phone and ACD state.
Call Centers The Queues directory lists the call centers and associated DNIS numbers for the call centers you are either supervising or staffing. It allows you to transfer calls to queues quickly.
Outlook The Outlook directory contains your Outlook contacts.
LDAP (Search Access Only) Call Center provides search access to a configured LDAP directory. When you make a search on the LDAP directory and your search returns results, these results are displayed in the Search panel (in the Contacts pane). By default, no LDAP contacts are displayed in the Contacts pane.

Access to certain directories depends on your permissions and the system setup. For information, contact your administrator.

The Contacts pane also contains the Directories panel, which consolidates the contacts from the following directories: Company, Personal, Outlook, and Speed Dial. The Contacts pane is always visible. You can choose which directories to display in the Directories panel and you can collapse the panel, but you cannot close it.

For information about the operations you perform to manage your contact directories, see the following sections:

  • View Contacts
  • Organize Contacts
  • Search for Contacts

View Contacts

Call Center allows you to select directories to display in the Contacts pane, show or hide directory contents, and select the order of appearance for information in certain directories.

Show or Hide Directories

You can decide which of the directories that you are allowed to access appear in the Contacts pane.

All directories can be displayed individually in the Contacts pane.

In addition, you can decide which directories to display in the Directories panel (on their own or with other directories), and below the Call Console.

To display or hide a directory in the Contacts pane:

  1. In the Contacts pane, click Options .
  2. Select View, Directories, and then select or unselect the directory to display/hide. To display all directories, select All.

To hide a directory, you can also click the Close button for that directory.

NOTE: You cannot close the Directories panel.

Figure 40 Contacts Pane – Show/Hide Contact Directories

To display a directory in the Directories panel:
In the Directories panel, select the directory to display from the drop-down list. To display all directories, select Show all.

Figure 41 Directories Panel – Selecting Directory to Display

To display a directory below the Call Console:

  1. In the Directories panel, select Show all.
    Figure 42 Directories Panel – Selecting Directory
Show or Hide Directory Content

By default, your directories are collapsed, with only the title bar visible. You can selectively expand the directories that you want to consult or use.

To show or hide contacts in a directory:
In the Contacts pane, click the Expand/Collapse button for that directory.

Figure 43 Group Panel Expanded
Show Contact Details

You can view the details of a contact in any directory.

To view contact details:

  1. Expand the target directory.
  2. Click the contact. The entry expands, displaying the contact’s details. The information depends on the target directory and includes the contact’s phone numbers
    and action buttons.
    Only one contact per directory can be expanded at a time. When you click a contact, the system automatically hides the details of the previously expanded contact.
    Figure 44 Group Panel – Contact Details
Select Display Order

Contacts in the Company Contacts, Personal Contact, Agents, and Supervisors directories can be displayed by either their first name or last name first. Your selection
applies to all of these directories. You cannot specify the display order for each directory individually.

To specify the contacts’ display order:

  1. In the Contacts pane, click the Options button .
  2. Select View, then Display Name, and then the order in which you want to display the contacts: Last Name, First Name -or- First Name, Last Name.
    Figure 45 Contacts Pane – Displaying Contacts by First Name, Last Name

Figure 46 shows supervisors displayed by their last name followed by their first name.

Figure 46 Supervisors Panel – Supervisors Listed by First Name, Last Name

Organize Contacts

Sort Contacts

You can sort contacts in the following directories: Company Contacts, and Agents.

To order contacts in a directory:

  1. In the Contacts pane, click Options .
  2. Select Sort, followed by the name of the directory in which you want to sort contacts, and then the sorting option.
    Figure 47 Contacts Pane – Sorting Contacts

Figure 48 shows a Group directory sorted by the contact’s first name.

Figure 48 Group Panel – Contacts Sorted by First Name

NOTE: When agents are sorted by ACD state and there is a change in an ACD state, the agents are not automatically re-sorted.

3 Search for Contacts

Call Center provides you with a search function that allows you to search for specific contacts in your directories.

You use the Search panel in the Contacts pane to look for contacts.

Figure 49 Contacts Pane – Search Pane
Perform Contact Search

To search for contacts:

  1. In the Search text box, enter the text you want to search for and press ENTER. You can enter partial information, such as part of a name or phone number.
    For example, if you do not remember whether Mary’s last name is spelled “Shelley” or “Shelly”, you can enter “Shell”, and either name is returned.
  2. To restrict the search to contacts that start with the entered text, check the Begins with box.
  3. From the drop-down list, select the directories to search.
  4. Press ENTER.

The text you enter is matched against all attributes of every entry in the selected directories.

NOTE: The search is not case-sensitive; the search for “Ann” and “ann” returns the same results.

Search results are displayed in the Search panel, each contact listed with the name of the directory where they were found.

Placetel UC-One directories are searched in the following order: Supervisors, Agents, Company Contacts. Duplicate search results in Placetel UC-One directories are not
displayed; the first match for a given contact is displayed. Duplicate search results in other directories are displayed.

Figure 50 Contacts Pane – Search Results

The search returns either all the contacts (in the selected directories) that contain the entered keyword or all the contacts that start with the entered keyword.

In the first case (Contains), entering “Ann” and selecting “First Name” from the Keyword Search Filter drop-down list returns all contacts with the first name “Ann”, but
it also returns all contacts with first names such as “Anne”, “Marianne”, “Marie Ann”, “Ann Marie”, and so on.

In the second case (Starts With), entering “Ann” and selecting “First Name” returns all contacts with first names such as “Ann”, Anne”, and Ann Marie”, but not “Marianne” or “Mary Ann”.

  1. To clear the search results, click Reset.

NOTE: Contact entries displayed in search results follow the same rules as if that entry was accessed in its own directory. This allows you to perform any operations directly from the search results.

Manage Personal Contacts

You can add or remove personal contacts via the web portal or in Call Center, and the updates appear in both places. However, the updates that you make via the web portal appear only in Call Center at the next sign-in.

To update personal contacts using the client, perform the following operations:

  • Add Personal Contact
  • Delete Personal Contact
    You cannot modify a personal contact entry in Call Center. To modify information for a personal contact, delete the entry and add it again.

Add Personal Contact

To add a personal contact:

  1. In the Personal panel, click Edit . The Edit Personal Contact dialog box appears.

  2. Click Add. A new line is added below the existing entries, allowing you to define a new entry

    Figure 51 Edit Personal Contact Dialog Box – Adding Entry
  3. In the Name text box, enter the contact’s name or description, as you want it to appear on the contact’s list.

  4. In the Number text box, enter the phone number of the contact.

  5. To save the entry, click anywhere in the dialog box outside the entry.

Delete Personal Contact

To delete a speed dial entry:

  1. In the Personal panel, click Edit . The Edit Personal Contact dialog box appears.
  2. Select the entry to delete and click Delete.
    Figure 52 Edit Personal Contact Window – Deleting Entry


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