UC-ONE Clients: iPhone

iPhone - Get Started

Get Started

In order for a user to operate the client, both the service provider or customer administrator and the user must enable features in the MyPhone dashboard.

The email content is customizable and can be turned off if desired.

End User Steps to Activate Service

Before the client can be functional in a circuit switched environment, the Mobility feature must be activated using either of these options:

  1. Using the MyPhone dashboard. This method is required if the user has not logged into the dashboard previously.
  2. Using the UC - Mobile client. This option is used only if the user has already logged into the MyPhone dashboard at least once and reset the temporary, initial password.

See the Placetel UC- Mobile Quick Start Guide for instructions on initial client setup

Activate the MyPhone Dashboard

Users log in to their MyPhone dashboard and update their password from the temporary password initially provided (follow the normal login procedures as shown in the MyPhone User Guide).

The user then enables the Mobility feature via the MyPhone User Dashboard . Within the MyPhone page,

  • Add the mobile number in the My Number tab.
  • Enable the Mobility feature form the Mobile App section of the in the My Features tab.

Retrieve the UC - Mobile client username from the My Features tab or from the mobile client welcome email.

The user’s UC- Mobile Client password will be the same as the user’s MyPhone password.

Links to download the client are available in both the email sent to the user, as well as in the My Features tab. The user will now need to download the iOS client from the Apple App Store and the Android client from Google Marketplace.

Once the client is downloaded and user signed in (see instructions below in Section 5), the user will be ready to use the client.

Activate Using UC-Mobile client at initial login

For an end user that has previously logged into the MyPhone dashboard and reset the temporary password, that user may download and install the UC - Mobile client by using the links provided in the mobile client welcome email.
Once the client is downloaded and user signed into, the user will be prompted to configure the Mobility Feature, setting Alert Click to Dial, Phones to ring, and Answer Confirmation.

Main Tabs

When you start UC-Mobile for the first time, the Contacts list is empty. Use the search field to find people and add them to your Contacts list. Contacts can also be added manually by tapping the Add button.

Icon Description
Contacts – View your buddy list and local contacts or search for directory contacts.
Chat – View Chat History.
Call – Make calls.
History – View incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.
MyRoom – Join MyRoom.

The main view contains a number of tabs that present information about the contacts and communications options available as follows:

  • Contacts
  • Chat
  • Call
  • History
  • MyRoom
    The UC-Mobile default tab is “Contacts” and in the soft phone view, the default tab is “Directory”.

Seamless Call Handover for VoIP Calls

Starting with Release 22.2.1, Communicator for iPhone clients support seamless call handover for VoIP calls between WiFi and cellular data networks.

If the data connection drops during an ongoing VoIP call, then the application tries to use anther data connection, if available, or waits for a configurable period of time (for example, one minute) for the data connection to be re-established. At that point, the call is retried on the new or re-established connection.

During the transition, there is a beeping sound played to the user and an indication in the user interface that the application is trying to reconnect the call.

Note that if a user has multiple ongoing calls, only the active calls are retrieved after restoring the data connection and the other calls are terminated. In which case, the user is notified about the terminated calls.

A typical use case is when a call is started on a WiFi network in the office and the user leaves the office while on the call. In this case, the call is transferred to the 4G/LTE data network, if one is available.

Another use case is when the device loses data coverage for a brief period of time while the user is on a VoIP call (for example, the user enters an elevator). In this case, the call is recovered when the data connection is re-established, provided it is within the configurable period of time, which is typically one minute.


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