UC-ONE Hardware

Panasonic DECT KX-UDS124CE

Setup of Base

From the back of the KX-UDP124, press the RESET button for about 10 seconds or until the unit LED is no
longer lit.

  1. From a factory default baseline on a Panasonic KX-UDS124 device, you will need to navigate to the
    device Web GUI.
  2. Enter the IP address into your browser (does not work on Safari) to be prompted for login.
  3. Log in to the device using the default (case-sensitive) username („admin“) and password („adminpass“),
    and then click Log In.
  4. Upon first login, you will need to navigate as shown below to set the first CS as the “Master
  5. Once the device has rebooted, for security purposes we would strongly advise changing the default
    Administrator password, this can be done by navigating to System > Administrator Password.
  6. The next step is to navigate to (Maintenance > Provisioning Maintenance) and enter the provisioning
    server address into the Master File URL field.

    NOTE: Do not remove the Auto Populated URL that can be found under the Standard File URL

  1. Click All Save.
  2. This will cause the device to request the files from the provisioning server. Restart manually if the system
    does not restart after max. 1 minute. Once the boot process has completed, the device will be provisioned
    for use in the BroadSoft BroadCloud PBX network. If the station assignment process was properly
    completed prior to the reboot, the device will boot into a station specific assigned/usable state. Due to the
    required access to the WEB GUI after provisioning of the Panasonic KX-UDS124 to BroadCloud, the
    WEB GUI will not be disabled. Therefore, we would strongly advise for security purposes to change the
    default Admin login. Once provisioned, we would also strongly advise not to manually overwrite any
    BroadCloud Configuration changes found in the VOIP Tab or Maintenance > Provisioning
    Maintenance Tab
    as this will prevent the device from being configured correctly in line with the
    BroadCloud Platform. If the device has now been assigned to a Station, the device will boot into a
    default state, and will remain in this state until the site administrator has completed the station
    assignment process. If this occurs, contact your site administrator and request that station assignment be
    completed for the device in question.

Handset (PS) registration

Handsets must be registered on the base before they can be assigned to a station in Placetel UC-One.

Hold down OK until „Please wait…“ is displayed.

When registration has completed, „Registered“ will be displayed.

When Registration of Handsets (PS) is completed, they receive their BroadCloud assignment information
from the KX-UDS124CE base.

After provisioning in the BroadCloud environment, the Port setting in Phone Assignment is applied to the
base and reflected in the Panasonic web GUI as the same port on the base.

Please note: after adding a license and port in UC-One; or changing license information, the
KX-UDS124CE must be restarted for the information to be applied. Go to “Maintenance” on
the web GUI and click “Restart” or unplug/re-plug the unit. Communication with all
Handsets (PS) will stop during this time and calls in progress will be lost!


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