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Feature Overview

Placetel UC-One PBX provides an interface to manage the customer inbound and outbound calling plans for each site and specific user/phone numbers. Outbound Calling Plans regulate behavior for calls placed to various destination types:

  • Internal (intra-company)
  • Local
  • Long Distance
  • Toll Free
  • International
  • Operator Assistance
  • Chargeable Directory Assistance

Rules for calls originating or forwarded/transferred from a site or number are as follows:

  • Allow. Calls may be placed to destination type.
  • Allow with Authorization code. User must enter a predefined code to place the call to destination type.
  • Block. Calls are blocked to the destination type.
  • Transfer to a Number. Calls attempted to the destination type are transferred to a specified number.

Inbound calling plans control call flows originating from internal sources as well as calls forwarded/transferred from external sources. Rule options for inbound calls are as follows:

  • Allow or Block inbound calls originating internally.
  • Allow or Block all inbound calls from external sources.
  • Allow transferred external calls only.

Feature Prerequisites

Inbound and outbound Calling Plans apply to users/numbers configured in the My Site tab of the My Site Dashboard.

Outbound Calling Setup

The Site administrator must set up the Calling Plan. Once logged into to My Site, simply follow the steps detailed below.

Step 1. Go to My Site
Access the My Site dashboard and select My Site. Then select the specific site for configuration of Calling Plans.

Step 2. Go to Site Services

Step 3. Go to Outbound Calling
Click Outbound Calling to view/edit rules for the selected site.

Note: International calling is blocked by default.

Step 4. Configure Originating Rules for the Site
Configure calls originating from the site based on the destination type.

Step 4a. Configure Authorization Codes (Optional)
If an outbound calling rule utilizes Authorization codes, the codes need to be defined. Codes must be numeric and between 2 and 14 digits long. Once established, the customer administrator will need to share the appropriate Authorization Codes with approved Users.

Step 4b. Configure Transfer to Numbers (Optional)
If calls attempted to a specific destination type are to be transferred, the numbers must be specified.

Step 5a. View/Edit Outbound Call Rules for a User/Number
To configure rules for a specific user / phone number, edit Outbound Calling under the User Feature tab.

Step 5b. Select and Modify Outbound Calling Rules for specific User/Number
Click a specific user/number to display current settings. Settings are grayed if the name/number is configured with the standard outbound calling rules established above for the site. To apply custom rules to the name/number, follow these steps:

Inbound Calling Setup

The default settings for Inbound Call are to allow all calls originating from internal external numbers. In order to customize these settings per user, the Site administrator sets up the Inbound Calling Plan. Once logged into to My Site and the My Site tab, simply follow the steps detailed below.

Step 1. Go to User Features, Inbound Calls

Step 2. View/Edit Inbound Rules for a User/Number
Select a user/number to edit rules.


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