UC-ONE MySite Standortfunktionen(EOL ab 7.12.2019)



The My Profile section of My Site enables you to manage the following information related to your account:

  • Site Information
  • Main Contact Information
  • Login Information

My Profile

Login to My Site

  1. Open an Internet browser and go to the My Site portal. Refer to the list of Supported browsers.
  2. Enter username and password.
  3. Click the Login button.

To modify Site Information

1. Click the Profile tab.

2. Click the Site Information tab.

3. Double click the Sites magnifying glass icon / search bar to view a list of sites.

4. Enter site information in the required fields.

5. Click the Save button.

Note: For E911 purposes, the information entered into the Address Field must be the actual physical address of this site; it will be given to emergency responders such as Fire Department, Police, etc. when E911 is called. Be careful and accurate in providing this address. P.O. Box numbers are not acceptable.

Note: The selection made within the Time Zone drop-down box will apply to all phones associated with this site.

To modify Main Contact Information:

1. Click the Main Contact information tab.

2. Enter information in the required fields.

  • Main Contact Information represents the primary contact on your account. Alternatively, you may include contact information for technical contacts.
  • Fields with an * are required fields and must be completed.
  • Note: The e-mail address assigned in this tab will receive My Site administrator credentials if the username is changed or if the password is reset.

3. Click the Save button.

To modify Login Information:

1. Click the Login Information tab.

2. If desired, modify your username.

  • Your current username will be displayed by default. To change it, enter your new username.

3. Enter your new password.

  • If you wish to change your password, enter your new password based on the listed requirements.

4. Repeat your new password.

  • Enter your new password again.

5. Click the Save button.


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