UC-ONE MySite Standortfunktionen(EOL ab 7.12.2019)


Feature Overview

Services like Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, and Enhanced Hunt Groups can be valuable tools for any size business. But, over time business environment’s change, organizational structures change – and the phone system and related services need to be able to change with them.

Lead Numbers are the numbers callers dial into to get to the Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Call Queues, Call Centers, Meet-Me Conferences and/or Group Paging groups. In the event that you determine you would rather have a different number route into one of these services, you typically need to call your service provider or technician to make this change – consuming both time and money. With Placetel UC-One, you can make these changes any time you want, with a real time impact, at no cost.

Feature Prerequisites

Before the Lead Number management service can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • At least one Auto Attendant, Hunt Group, Call Queue, Call Center, Meet-me Conference and/or Group Paging group must be active on the site.
  • At least one alternative 2 Way phone number must be available in the sites inventory

Feature Setup

To use this service, log into to My Site, then simply follow the steps detailed below.

Step 1. Go to My Site

Step 2. Select the appropriate Site to configure

Step 3. Go to Site Services

Step 4. Select and update the Lead Numbers

Step 5. Change Lead Numbers


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