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Gebührenfreie Nummern

Feature Overview

Toll Free services are a staple in today’s business environment. As companies both large and small expand their reach to their customers, they want to provide a cost effective way for their customers to reach them. Toll Free numbers allow callers to reach companies from anywhere in the country without having to pay Long Distance charges, the company takes care of the costs.

The SIPAdvantage Toll Free service can provide you with new Toll Free numbers, or bring over existing numbers you already own. But, unlike traditional Toll Free service, you have complete control over the routing of the calls. With simple point and click navigation, you can redirect calls from one location to another – realtime. Also, when used in combination with other services such as Auto Attendants or Enhanced Hunt Groups, you can establish a simple, yet powerful callcenter solution.


Before the Toll Free service can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • A Toll Free number must be assigned to the Site
  • Each Toll Free Number must be assigned to ring to a local phone number

Toll Free Notes:

  • Each Toll Free number must be assigned to ring to a local phone number

Feature Setup

To use this service, log into to My Site, then simply follow the steps detailed below.

Step 1. Go to My Site

Step 2. Select the appropriate Site to configure

Step 3. Go to Site Services

Step 4. Select the Toll Free to Configure

Step 5. Configure the Toll Free Number


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