UC-ONE MySite Standortfunktionen(EOL ab 7.12.2019)



The main My Site administrator can create additional admin users, with specified access.

Login to My Site

  1. Open an Internet browser and go to the My Site portal. Refer to the list of Supported browsers.
  2. Enter username and password.
  3. Click the Login button.

To view/create/edit Account Admins

  1. Select the Account Admin tab, then click the applicable link either to Create or to View/Edit.
  2. The Account Admin screen will appear:
    • Complete the contact information and username fields
    • Determine which sites the user can access
    • Select the tabs to which the admin can access by clicking the check box(es). Full access is given (both view and edit) when a tab is checked.
    • Click the Save button to save changes or Cancel to quit without saving.


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