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Unified Messaging

Feature Overview

In today’s business world, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. With more and more employees working out of the office, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for customers and colleagues to reach these remote workers given the number of different devices and numbers (mobile, office, home) they may be using. In such a disjointed environment, there is a need for a solution that makes communications as seamless as possible — whether an employee is working from the office, on the road or at home.

The Unified Messaging feature allows users to access their voicemails and faxes via multiple options beyond direct phone access. This enables users to be on the go, not in the office but have their finger on the pulse of their business at all times. Voice messages and fax messages can be retrieved for playback/viewing or download via My Messages on the MyPhone dashboard, or via email with copies sent to any email address. Voicemails are sent in.WAV format , while Faxes are .TIFF.

Additionally, if you just want a notification that a message was received, notifications can be sent to your cell phone via text or email. This allows users to be mobile and also have real time access to their voicemails and faxes as if they were in the office.


As part of the recent Placetel UC One upgrades, the Extended Away greeting is now available to users in the Voice Portal. This greeting type disables the ability for a caller to leave a message. It is useful as an announcement only greeting, including the following scenarios:

  • User who are on extended leave or vacation and do not want to fill their mailboxes
  • An employee hotline for information concerning an office schedule (inclement weather)
  • An instructional message option for use by an Auto Attendant

Additionally, when listening to a message, users now have the ability to play the previous message (pressing “4”) or to skip to the next message (pressing “6”).

Feature Prerequisites

Before the Unified Messaging feature can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • At least one inbound number must be available to be assigned to a Premium User Station, Standard User Station, Hosted Square Key Station, or Hosted PRI User
  • If Fax Messaging is desired, an available inbound or two way number must be available to be assigned as a Fax number to each fax user

Using Unified Messaging

Once at least one inbound or two way number and station has been assigned in the My Site dashboard and the User has configured the Unified Messaging feature in the My Phone dashboard, the Unified Messaging feature is ready for use.

The following sections describe how to configure the Unified Messaging feature.

Feature Setup

To use this service, log into to My Account, and then simply follow the steps detailed below:
Go to My Site and select the appropriate Site to configure

Go to User Features

Select the Unified Messaging Tab

Configure the Unified Messaging Preferences – Voice Messaging

Configure the Unified Messaging Preferences – Fax Messaging

Configure the Unified Messaging Preferences – Message Storage and Additional Settings

Number of Rings and Greeting Upload (Optional)

Note: Uploading a Voicemail Greeting requires a user defined file formatted as CCITT u-Law 8,000 kHz, 8 bit Mono .WAV file.

End User Setup

The Unified Messaging feature is automatically available to all Premium User, and feature control is located in the My Phone dashboard.

Log in to My Phone

Go to My Messages tab

View Messages and Faxes

Listen to Voice Messages

Note – listening to a voicemail in My Phone does not reset the message waiting indicator light on that user’s desk phone.

Download Selected Voice or Fax Messages

As this is a shared storage area for voicemails and faxes, Users should be aware that the combined storage limit is approximately 35Mb. This equates to about 100 voicemail minutes or around 100 ten page faxes. Users should be judicious about archiving important voicemails and faxes to their network storage areas by using the Download Selected option on the right side of the My Messages area.

Once Users have successfully archived their voicemails and faxes, they should be deleted from the My Messages area to conserve space.

Other useful information regarding the Placetel UC One PBX system wide voicemail limits: (These are hard limits and cannot be changed within Placetel UC One PBX.)

Time that Voicemails and Faxes can be stored in your mailbox Unlimited
Longest Voicemail greeting that a User can record 4 minutes
Longest Voicemail message that can be recorded 10 minutes

Downloading messages will follow your default computer/browser settings and either save or open the default application for .wav files (voice messages) or .tiff (fax messages).

Delete Selected Voice or Fax Messages

Refresh List of Messages

Refreshing updates the list of messages to show recent messages that have been added to your message box.

Configure the Unified Messaging Preferences

Number of Rings and Greeting Upload (Optional)

Note: Uploading a Voicemail Greeting requires a user defined file formatted as CCITT u-Law 8,000 kHz, 8 bit Mono .WAV file.


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