UC-ONE MyPhone Benutzerfunktionen (EOL ab 7.12.2019)

Simultanes Klingeln

Feature Overview

Simultaneous Ring is a mobility solution that lets end-users designate a single phone number for all incoming calls, regardless of which phone they are currently using — mobile, office, home, etc. End-users receive the added benefit of a common business calling “experience” across all devices (up to 10 phones).

NOTE: The Simultaneous Ring and Office Anywhere (Anywhere) features cannot be enabled at the same time. When you enable Sim Ring you will automatically disable the Anywhere feature and vice versa.

Feature Prerequisites

Before the Simultaneous Ring feature can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • At least one Simultaneous Ring User (Executive, Hosted Square Key or End by End must be assigned and active)
  • At least one landline or wireless number must be assigned to the Simultaneous Ring feature through the My Phone dashboard

Using Simultaneous Ring

Once the user has configured the Simultaneous Ring feature in the My Phone dashboard, the feature is ready for use. The following sections describe how to use the Simultaneous Ring feature.

Follow the procedure below to receive Simultaneous Ring calls.

  1. Caller dials the Placetel UC-One PBX User
  2. The Simultaneous Ring feature is invoked
  3. All phones in the Simultaneous Ring list begin to ring
  4. One of the phones answers the call and the others stop ringing

Simultaneous Ring Notes:

  • If a call is immediately intercepted by a voicemail system, which could occur when wireless phones are turned off or do not have service or when Do Not Disturb is enabled on the SIP Advantage desktop phone, all other phones will immediately stop ringing. If the voicemail system answers quickly enough, the other phones may not ring at all.
  • Numbers being included in the Simultaneous Ring feature can be included in multiple Simultaneous Ring lists.
  • Simultaneous Ring does allows users to activate the “Do Not Simultaneous Ring if I’m on the phone” option.

Feature Setup

Simultaneous Ring User Portal
The Simultaneous Ring feature is automatically available to all Executive, End by End and Hosted Square Key stations. The feature is controlled via the My Phone dashboard. To configure the Simultaneous Ring feature, the user must enter all landline and wireless phone numbers to which calls will be routed. A minimum of one number must be assigned by the user to enable the feature for that user. Multiple numbers (up to 8) can be assigned if the user requires multiple numbers to simultaneously ring when calls are received on their Placetel UC-One PBX desktop phone.

Step 1. Log in to My Phone

Step 2. Go to the My Features tab

Step 3. Select the Sim Ring /Anywhere Feature tab

Step 4. Configure your Sim Ring settings

Check the “Do not ring other phones when I am on a call” checkbox. Select this option if you do not want your Sim Ring numbers to ring while you are on an active call on your desktop phone.
NOTE: If you receive an incoming call and are unable to answer either on your desktop phone or any of your Sim Ring numbers, the caller will reach your voicemail.
“Require Answer Confirmation” for this number? If selected this option requires the mobile phone number to press 1 before the call is connected


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