UC-ONE MyPhone Benutzerfunktionen (EOL ab 7.12.2019)


Feature Overview

Push to Talk allows users to leverage their SIP Phones as intercoms. By enabling a user to directly contact another extension – and causing the called station to answer automatically, Push To Talk delivers a convenient intercom leveraging equipment already in place.

To allow for customization of the feature, administrators can define white/black lists, as well as define if calls established using Push To Talk are One way or Two Way. To invoke a Push to Talk call, users simply need to off hook their phone (get dial tone), then enter *50, then the extension of the user being called.

Feature Prerequisites

To leverage Push to Talk:

  • Users must be assigned to an Executive, RetailLine, or Hosted HQ station
  • Push To Talk feature must be configured for the user

Feature Setup

Prior to setting up and Site Services, or allowing Users to make calls, the Site administrator must set up the Users. Once logged into to My Site, simply follow the steps detailed below:

Step 1. Click the My Site tab and select the appropriate Site to manage

Step 2. Select the User Features tab

Step 3. Click on the row displaying the User and number you wish to configure.

  • You can double-click the desired row, or highlight the desired row and select “Edit

    Step 4. Configure Push to Talk for the User


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