UC-ONE MyPhone Benutzerfunktionen (EOL ab 7.12.2019)

Meine Nummern

Feature Overview

The Home section of My Account enables you to manage the following information related to your account:

  • View available and assigned telephone numbers
  • Change Main Number for a site
  • Change Directory Listing
  • Upgrade/downgrade telephone number types

Login to My Site

1. Open an Internet browser and go to the My Site portal. List of Supported browsers
2. Enter username and password
3. Click the Login button

To view My Numbers
1. Select a Site

2. Click the My Numbers button

3. All phone numbers associated with the site are displayed

To change your main account number for a site:

1. Select a Site, Click the Change Main Number Link.

2. Select the number you wish to assign as your new main number. Select when this assignment should take place; choose either the “As soon as possible” option or enter a specific date. Click the Continue button.

3. Review the change order details, then click the Submit Order button. (Or, click Cancel to start over).

  • You will receive an e-mail notifying you when the change order is in process and when it is complete.

Submit a change order to upgrade or downgrade numbers:

You account’s phone numbers fall into one of two categories”

  • Two-Way Number: associated with phones at your office location
  • Two-Way Remote: associated with phones located outside of your office location (distinct E911 Address)

These numbers can be upgraded (i.e., converted from a two-way number to a two-way remote number) or downgraded (i.e., vice versa) at the administrator’s discretion.

For example, if a user is currently assigned a Two-Way Number and using their phone only at their office location, but wish to take the phone to use at another location this would require an upgrade from a Two-Way Number to a Two-Way Remote. Conversely, if a user is assigned a Two-Way Remote number and currently using their phone remotely, but wish to use the phone only from their office location this would require a downgrade from a Two-Way Remote to a Two-Way Number.

Important note about Two-Way Remote numbers:
If you wish to move a Virtual Communications Express IP phone to a new location, you must submit a change order prior to the move. If you do not submit such a change of location order or move an IP phone outside Verizon’s E-911 service area, the service may be suspended until you inform Verizon of the change or move the phone back within Verizon’s E-911 service area.

1. Select the site to be modified and click the Upgrade/Downgrade Numbers link.

2. Select the number to upgrade or downgrade.

3. Select “Upgrade number to 2-Way” or “Upgrade number to 2-Way Remote”

4. Select when this assignment should take place.

  • Choose either the “As soon as possible” or enter a specific date.
  1. Click the Submit Order button.

Submit a change order to add a new directory listing information:

Directory Listings include a company name and directory category (e.g., restaurant, automobile dealer, physician, etc.). As an administrator, you can create specific directory listing information to each number associated with a site, and modify that information as desired. These directory listings will be published in print directories as well as online directories.

1. Click on the site to be modified, click the Change Directory Listings link

2. To assign directory listing information to a number, click the Add DL link associated with that number.

3. Assign Directory Listing information.

You can assign the directory listing information that already exists for the site, choose to keep then umber unlisted, or create new directory listing information for the number.

  • To continue using the pre-populated directory listing site information, click the option next to the name/category of your site
  • To keep the number unlisted, click the option Do Not List/Do Not List
  • To create a new directory listing, click the Create New Directory Listing link
  • Enter the company name to associate with this number
  • Enter the directory category to associate with this number

    4. Click the Save button.

    • Select when this assignment should take place
    • Choose either the “As soon as possible” option or enter a specific activation date

    5. Click the Continue button.


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