UC-ONE MyPhone Benutzerfunktionen (EOL ab 7.12.2019)


Feature Overview

Meet Me Conferencing is a Placetel UC-One integrated feature allowing multiple callers to join in a single call which enables meetings among diversely located invitees at any time. This feature enhances productivity by providing a tool that facilitates communication among a group of people no matter where they are located. Once the feature is installed, it can be used at any time without the need for scheduling or reservation. This allows impromptu meetings which help businesses make decisions more quickly.

Meet Me Conferencing Calling Example

  1. A conference moderator invites callers by communicating a conference bridge telephone number and a passcode.
  2. At the specified time, the callers dial the conference bridge telephone number and are prompted to enter the bridge passcode.
  3. If the passcode is correct, the caller is placed into the conference bridge where they can communicate with others on the bridge. (If the passcode is wrong, they are prompted to enter the passcode)
  4. The moderator joins the bridge with a different passcode which allows additional controls over the conference.
  5. Callers can enter and leave the conference at any time.
  6. The moderator can leave the conference and depending on the setup may allow the conference to continue or close the conference when departed.

Feature Details

  • Customers may have multiple Meet-Me conference bridges per site
  • Multiple conference bridge owners (moderators) at the Site can be assigned to the same bridge
  • Each bridge supports up to 147 concurrent participants (ports), so customers will need to allocate their bridge owners based on an assumed level of oversubscription
  • Bridge ports are consumed on a first come - first served basis among all conference participants and moderator hosts
  • Each Moderator/Conference ID is allocated 20 bridge ports by default. The Site Administrator can change bridge port allocation on a per owner basis; the range is from 3 to 147 ports
  • A Conference ID and Moderator PIN will be system generated for each moderator user assigned to a bridge and emailed to them
  • On-demand conference recordings
    • Moderator controlled through DTMF “*” code
    • Can be up to 2 hours in length and saved in MP3 format
    • May be downloaded for archival purposes
    • Those older than 30 days will automatically be deleted from the system

Feature Prerequisites

Before the Meet Me Conferencing service can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • Meet Me Conferencing must be ordered and configured at the site level
  • A two-way number must be available and assigned to the Meet Me conference bridge
  • Moderator (user) phone number(s) must be assigned to the bridge

Feature Setup

Prior to using the Meet Me Conferencing service, the Site administrator must set up the Meet Me Conference to activate the bridge. Once logged into to My Site, simply follow the steps detailed below:

Step 1. Go to My Site

Step 2. Select the appropriate Site to configure

Step 3. Go to Site Services

Step 4. Select the Conferencing tab

Step 5. Select the Conference Bridge to Configure and hit Edit

Step 6. View/Configure the Conference Bridge Settings

Assign Conference Bridge Moderators

Utilization Report tab

Step 7. View/Edit Conference Bridge User Level Details and Settings

Step 8. View and Manage Recorded Calls

Step 9. View Moderator Commands

Step 10. View Bridge Allocation and Utilization Reports

Moderator (User) Screens

When assigned and configured by the Site Administrator, users have access to view and change their conference bridge settings and manage their conference recordings from the My Phone dashboard.

Participant Codes
Active conference participants are able to use the “*” key to perform certain functions below:


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