UC-ONE MyPhone Benutzerfunktionen (EOL ab 7.12.2019)


Feature Overview

Priority Alert is a premium user level feature in Placetel UC-One PBX that allows a user’s phone to ring with a different cadence based on pre-defined criteria. This feature can be used as a way to quickly notify the user that a specific number is calling or when a call is from inside your group or outside your group. The criteria for each Priority Alert entry can be a list of up to 12 phone numbers or digit patterns, a specified time schedule, and a specified holiday schedule. All criteria (i.e. phone number and day of week and time of day) for an entry must be true for the phone to ring with a different tone.

Feature Prerequisites/Restrictions

  • The only ring pattern used for Priority Alert is the Bellcore-dr2 ringtone. In the Polycom endpoints, Bellcore-dr2 translates to the Medium Double Trill ring type. In the Cisco SPA 5xx endpoints, Bellcore-dr2 is one of the ring type options in the list.
  • Ten digit numbers are required in the criteria settings
  • Supported station types: Premium User, Standard User, and Hosted Square Key
  • Feature interaction/precedence
    • Alternate Numbers – Priority Alert has precedence over the Alternate Number feature. If an incoming call meets an active Priority Alert criteria, the alert type sent to the end-point will be Bellcore-dr2.
    • Hunt Group – When a call to a Hunt Group is presented to a user in the Hunt Group, the user’s Priority Alert service is inhibited. This means that any Priority Alert settings for the user are not applied to the call.
    • Call Center – When a call to a Call Center is presented to a user in the Call Center, the user’s Priority Alert service is inhibited. This means that any Priority Alert settings for the user are not applied to the call. If a customer wants to have a distinctive ring for calls from the Call Center, they should use the Call Center distinctive ring settings.
    • Call Waiting – Priority Alert applies to waiting calls and applies distinctive ring per the defined criteria.
    • Remote Office – If Remote Office is enabled, the Priority Alert feature is not applied on incoming calls.
    • Shared Call Appearance – Priority Alert applies to all shared call appearance locations for the user. The shared endpoint must support the service.
    • Simultaneous Ringing/Anywhere/Mobility – Priority Alert only applies to the main endpoint and not to secondary locations.

Feature Operation

Priority alert when enabled and configured will ring the end-user phone with a distinctive ring allowing the user to know that a specific person or group of people are calling within a specified time period.

Feature Setup

Step 1. Log in to My Phone

Step 2. Go to the My Rules tab

Step 3. Add Priority Alert Rule

For additional information on setting schedules, please refer to the My Rules QRG.

Step 4. After the rule is saved it appears in the list of rules. Go to the rule list to edit or delete the rule.


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