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Phone calls are the lifeblood of most businesses. Having an easy way to understand call volumes can be helpful for both management and individual users.

As a My Site administrator, you can view the call history for each number assigned to your account. Call history includes such information as start date, start time, calling number, called number, caller ID, caller ID information (city and state), call duration, and type of call (outgoing, incoming and missed). Management can then further use this call history information as a means of determining needed resources, insuring that remote workers are responding to calls effectively and that they are using their time efficiently.

Individual users want a simple way to see their call history (outgoing, incoming and missed) and to place calls via the click to dial feature.

Feature Usage

Administrator Access via My Site
To use the Call History page, the Site administrator must log into My Site, and simply follow the steps detailed below

Step 1. Double click to select the appropriate Site to configure

Step 2. Go to the Call History tab

Step 3. Define the Search Criteria

1. Select the numbers to view
Use the check mark to select the numbers for which you would like to view call history.

  • Enter a number or partial number to search. For example, to view all call history within the 813 area code, enter 813.

2. Select the Date Range
Select the Start and End date associated with the data that you want to report on

3. Check the type(s) ofCall(s) to view.
You may view any or all of the following:
-Outgoing Calls
-Incoming Calls
-Missed Calls

4. Click the Retrieve Call Records button.
Displays call history records according to the selected parameters

5. Review and Export Call History

Note: Exporting the Call History will result in a .CSV file with all of the viewable content available to be saved to the user’s PC for further analysis or specialized reporting.

Individual Users Access via My Phone
To use the personal Call History page, the User must log into to their My Phone dashboard, and simply follow the steps detailed below.


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