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Feature Overview

Call Waiting allows you to put your current call on hold to answer a different incoming call. Should you choose to disregard the incoming call the second call will be transferred to your voicemail, or another pre-determined destination.

Using Call Waiting is simple. If you are on a call, and a second call comes in you will hear a tone alerting you to the new call. For most of the phones on this service, you will also see the caller ID information of the caller on your phone display. If you choose to answer the second call you can do so in one of two ways;

  1. Press the Answer soft key

  2. User the arrow keys on the phone to highlight the second call and press the ‘Answer’ softkey

Feature Prerequisites

Before the Call Waiting service can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • Call Waiting is only available when one of the following subscriber seats is purchased.

    • Premium Station
    • Standard Station
  • The subscriber seat needs to be assigned to a telephone number within the dashboard.

    • Note: The Default setting for Call Waiting is that is enabled.

This feature is typically not recommended for lines connected to analog key systems or in hunt sequences because it takes precedence over line hunting.

Feature Setup – Administrators Only

To use this service, log into to My Account, and then simply follow the steps detailed below:
Step 1. Go to My Site and Select a Site

Step 2. Select User Features and then the Sharing tab

Step 3. Activate or Deactivate the Feature

Feature Setup – Users Only

To use this service, log into to My Phone dashboard, and then simply follow the steps detailed below:
Step 1. Log in to My Phone

Step 2. Go to the My Features tab

Step 3. Select the Call Waiting Dropdown

Step 4. Configure your Call Waiting Feature

  1. To activate Call Waiting, check the “Allow me to answer additional incoming calls” box. Next, choose to send these calls to a different telephone number or have them forwarded to your voice mail.

  2. To forward incoming calls to a different number, select Forward to number, then choose a number from the drop-down menu. NOTE: You must setup My Numbers before you can select a number from this drop-down menu. For more information, refer to the My Numbers Quick Reference Guide.

  3. To forward incoming calls to voice mail, select the Forward to my Voice Mail button.


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