UC-ONE Option: CRM Connect Benutzerhandbuch (EOL ab 7.12.2019)

CRM Connect - Login Details, Initial Configuration & weitere Funktionen

Login Details and Initial Configuration

Once the installation has finished, the user will need to enter their BroadCloud user credentials and their CRM user account credentials.

If you disabled anti-virus/security software before starting the installation, enable it again now.

Open the Credentials Window

CRM Connect is designed to be discrete. Always running and providing useful information as you need it, yet at the same time not annoying and interfering when you’re trying to work. So, most of the time, CRM Connect sits silently in your tray menu, waiting for you to click on it or waiting for calls to be made or received.

Note: In Windows, some tray icons become hidden and expressly have to be shown. These settings are stored in the ‘Notification Area Icons’ part of the Windows Control Panel.

Right-click on the CRM Connect icon, which is a green circle (or red if you’re on a call) and the tray menu should appear. Click on the Configuration option


Telephony Configuration

You must first configure the Telephony section by selecting the server and entering the user’s BroadCloud client credentials.

  • Server: Select the appropriate market where the user is located. This determines which server will be used to authenticate the user.
  • Username: This is the username found in My Phone under the CRM Connect tab. See Section 3.2 above and the My Phone User Guide for more information. Your Username takes the format 49xxxxxxxxxx@uc.placetel.de
  • Password: The Password can be set/changed via My Phone. Go to the My Phone log in page and hit the “Forgot Password?” link. Enter your username and hit “Reset Password”. A temporary password will be emailed to you

CRM Integration Configuration
The user will also need to know which CRM System they are using and their log in credentials for that system. .

Other Options

Quickdial Box Type a number here and press Enter to make an immediate phone call
Recent Quickly see recently dialled numbers and click to redial them
Features Allows the configuration of specific BroadCloud features for the user including Call Fowarding Always and Do Not Disturb
Phone Opens a pop-up window that allows the entering of a number to dial or to pick-up via the Click to Dial function to your phone
Presence Opens a pop-up window that enables the search and selection of users to monitor their phone presence.
Address Book Opens a pop-up window that enables the search and selection of users in your Site and your CRM contact directory to get phone details and make a call to.
Call History Shows your BroadCloud call history from the basic call log.
Help Opens a web browser to the on-line help pages.
Exit Use this to unload the software as an active application.

Menu Help
Detailed instruction and information for each tray menu item can be found in the Placetel Help.


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