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Custom Presentation Number

Feature Overview

Custom Presentation Number provides the ability to create and assign telephone numbers to users which are presented as the Caller ID Number for outgoing calls. This feature is useful when users are making external outbound calls on behalf of a business and desire to show the businesses main number as the Caller ID.
Note: Caller ID presentation may be governed by your national laws and regulations, please consult with your legal counsel for your specific requirements concerning Caller ID presentation.

Feature Prerequisites

  • The customer must either own the telephone number or has gained the appropriate approval to use the number.
  • The Custom Presentation Number feature either has been bundled with the Site Package or has been ordered as a Site feature.
  • This feature is currently only available in the EMEA market.
  • The maximum quantity of Custom Presentation Numbers is 50 per Site.

Administrator Feature Setup

  1. Go to My Site and Select a Site
  2. Go to Site Services
  3. Select the Presentation Number option
  4. Add a Presentation Number (Must be a valid number according to your location & needs a description)
  5. Hit „save“

You can now choose the number for your users in Phone Assignement Tab.

Note: the maximum quantity of numbers which can be added is 50 per Site.


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