UC-ONE Hardware

Cisco SPA8000

The LinkSys SPA8000 is an eight port (FXS) analog telephone adapter. This device allows standard two-wire analog phones, fax machines, or modems to be converted to VOIP. The following guide describes the proper method of installing the SPA8000 for use in the Placetel Network.

Connecting the Phone Lines RJ11 Option

  • Insert a standard RJ11 plug on into the PHONE 1 port on the back of the SPA8000 as shown in Figure 1
  • Insert the other end of the standard RJ11 the appropriate ports on your premise equipment
  • For multiple lines on the SPA8000, repeat the above steps for the second up through the eighth phone line activated on the device

RJ-21 (50-pin telco connector) Option

  • Insert the male end of an RJ-21 plug into the female RJ-21 connector on the back the SPA8000 as shown in Figure 2 
  • Pairs one through eight corresponds to phone lines one through eight on the SPA8000 and the dashboard
  • Connect the other end of the RJ-21 to your premise equipment

Series Competition groups can span multiple SPA8000’s. When a SPA8000 reaches the eight users limit, another SPA8000 can be added for additional users.

WARNING: the phone ports on the SPA8000 can be wired into existing site wiring to simultaneously enable multiple phone jacks at the site. However, if this is done, the site wiring must be disconnected from the public switched telephone network at the site demarcation to prevent lightning surge damage during storms.

Connecting the Internet Link

  • Insert a standard RJ45 plug from active Ethernet port on the customer LAN. Insert the other end of the cable into the ETHERNET port on the back of the SPA8000 as shown in Figure 3

Connecting the AC Power

  • Insert the AC power plug into wall outlet, surge protector or UPS device and plug into the power port on the back of the SPA8000 as shown in Figure 4. Power on the SPA8000.

WARNING: it is highly recommended that the SPA8000 be plugged into a suitable and reliable surge protector or UPS device. A UPS should be used in applications that are sensitive to phone up time and experience frequent short power outages.


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